CAL was established in June 1976, starting charter operations in November of that year. Originally, the airline leased aircraft. However, on 1 December 1999, it began operating scheduled services using its own aircraft following receipt of Israeli government licences issued in early 1999.

0.31 CHF/kgs - on Chargeable Weight into US

0.19 CHF/kgs - on Chargeable Weight for TLV/LCA

Tel Aviv, Israel
Type of Aircraft
Important Destinations
JFK, ATL, IAH, LCA, TLV, Trucking US
Airline Prefix & Code
700 / 5C
Volume Ratio
AWB Handling Information
CAL Cargo Airlines Ltd,

Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv,


About our carrier

In 1997, CAL purchased LACHS cargo terminal in Belgium (Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services) which it is still fully owned and operated by CAL, and caters to CAL’s specialty in nonstandard cargo. In 2010, CAL was purchased privately by Offer Gilboa and expanded its flight operations to include daily flights to and from JFK/TLV.

Today, the airline carries over 100,000 tons of cargo annually including all categories of nonstandard cargo: temperature controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare products, live animals, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight cargo, fresh perishable products and valuable goods including fine art.