LAN to Argentina

Please note the following rules for shipments to Argentina, as we had some troubles with some AWBs yet: We would like to inform about an important change effective from 24th August without any exception.
Argentinian customs will request the inclusion of HCC number or AFIP CODE applies for shipments with destination or in transit through Argentina, so the harmonized commodity codes or HCC must be inserted only in every direct air waybill and house air waybill (excepting master air waybill) The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is a global method of classifying, for customs purposes, products that are exported and imported. In order to make easier the understanding, we have added a link with the codes http://www.foreign-trade.com/reference/hscode.htm shipments considered as special cases, that do not need HCC Human remains Diplomatic deliveries Personnel effects Courier deliveries Catering material – Comat Here we have a resume with the codes that you have to insert, where you have to insert them and how they must appear on mawb CUIT – código único de identificación tributaria / unique code of tributary identification CUIL – código único de identificación laboral / unique code of working identification PASS number or DNI – national identity number HCC or HS code – harmonized commodity codes CUIT – must be inserted in CONSIGNEE OR/AND HANDLING INFORMATION. Only one number is valid, so if you insert two different numbers, shipment will be put on hold, moreover the words CUIT must be always before the number. CUIL, PASS number or DNI – must be inserted in CONSIGNEE OR/AND HANDLING INFORMATION HCC or HS code – must be included in handling information or nature and quantity of goods on direct awb or each hawb