CAL Cargo Air Lines

CAL Group takes pharma operations to the highest level

CAL Cargo first to receive CEIV Pharma certification for both cargo airline and ground handling operations The CAL Group announced today that it has completed IATAs Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV) certification program. Validating its airline operations as well as its logistics hub at Liege Airport, CAL is the first group to implement the certification across both airline and ground handling operations. Furthermore, CALs broader scope of operations, including its road feeder services and other ground handlers, are also validated by CEIV thus CAL provides end to end pharma capabilities that conform to the highest standards. The groups CEIV Pharma certification covers the groups airline and logistics hub at Liege Airport, including facilities, equipment, operations and staff. The groups road feeder services are offered through partnership with Jan de Rijk, already CEIV certified for pharma products. The process assessed the groups cool chain process and facilities, verifyied compliance with international standards, and trained personnel involved in pharma handling. CAL has committed to the pharma industry at the highest possible level. CAL has always been an early adopter of industry regulations, and now we are proud to be one of the first in the industry to earn the CEIV Pharma seal, said Eyal Zagagi, CEO of the CAL Group. The global pharmaceutical logistics market is valued at over USD 64 billion a year and new regulations and technology have made it essential to define a standard for pharma transportation, in compliance with international regulations. CEIV will define a single standard across the entire pharma logistics chain. Navot Hirschhorn, CALs Temperature Controlled and Special Products Manager said, CALs pharma transport segment is growing rapidly and we want to attract a bigger share of the European and American pharma shippers. We are investing in our expertise and infrastructure, and completing the CEIV certification guarantees we maintain the integrity of our customers products. The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharmaceutical Logistics CEIV Pharma program was developed as a new initiative by IATA to help foster air cargos competitiveness in this growing segment, said Glyn Hughes, IATA Head of Cargo. CAL demonstrated an extremely high level of expertise and was very much ready for the validation, the process went smoothly and quickly due to their vast experience in pharma handling. CEIV Pharma assesses and validates cool-chain processes and provides training to guarantee that industry stakeholders comply with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements.